Private Pilot

  • 40 hours minimum total time
  • 20 hours dual instruction
  • 3 hours flight “by reference to instruments” (under the hood)
  • 5 hours solo cross country (50 nm minimum between two points along each trip)
  • One solo 150nm XC flight with at least 3 airports (two of which must be at least 50 nm apart)
  • 3 hours night flight (dual instruction)
  • One night XC (dual)
  • 10 night landings (full stop)
  • 3 hours of dual instruction explicitly for check rid prep, within 90 days of the check ride
  • An endorsement from a CFI stating the candidate is prepared for the check ride

Bonanza check out

  • Private Pilot License
  • 200 hours total time or more
  • 50 hours complex time (or 10 hour check out)

Required for Bonanza: All flights must be checked out with our Chief Flight Instructor Tim Leinbach.  MUST fly at least once every 30 days to remain current (required by insurance)

Chief Flight Instructor, Tim Leinbach

Chief Flight Instructor Tim Leinbach CFI, CFII, Flight Review, & Checkouts

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Mo Hyder

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