New arrival: Bonanza F33A

Say “Hello” to the Club’s new Beechcraft Bonanza! What a gorgeous airplane. She was around long enough today for a photo shoot before being taken out for a fresh annual. This plane is immaculate, loaded, and even has that new leather smell! We even have an electric tug to get her in/out of the hangar!

1 thought on “New arrival: Bonanza F33A”

  1. Hey there guys, N4RB was my Dads’ plan for the better part of his flying life. It carried all six of us kids off to college and on a variety of memorable vacations and service adventures across North and South America. My Mom and Dad eventually moved to Az so that they could enjoy flying on every wonderful day that the weather afforded. And fly they did! The wonderful new leather smell is the result of a loving refurbish of the interior, which although lengthly, was a resounding success. Please continue to post pictures of his beloved plane whenever you find someone enjoying a particularly wonderful day. At 88 and 85, they continue to reminisce about the adventures they shared and friends they met!

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